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Friday, October 19, 2007

Plot synopsis

Four million children, including those from Mr. Garrison's class, are to play My Country, 'Tis of Thee at the televised Worldwide Recorder Concert in Oklahoma City, but a flood caused the concert to be relocated in Little Rock, Mr Garrison's. This causes him considerable anxiety (as he confesses to Mr. Mackey) for he had "sexual molestation issues" with his father in the past.
In Arkansas, the boys encounter a hostile group of kids from Ney York, also there for the concert, who call them "queefs". The boys want to find a way to get back at them, and when Cartman discovers the legendary "brown noise", a sound made with the recorder that causes the listener to lose control of their bowels and "crap their pants"; the boys plan to trick the New York kids into playing it. However, by accident, all the sheet music for the concert is photocopied to include the brown noise.
Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison has confronted his father about the issues of sexual molestation, however, the issue was not that his dad had molested him, but rather that he felt neglected because his father had not touched him. When Mr. Mackey finds out about this, he fears Mr. Garrison Jr. is so distraught about the issue that he could actually die if Mr. Garrison Sr. doesn't molest him.

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